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爱超下注平台-iPad Pro为何取代不了PC iPad Pros are work-ready but I still prefer
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爱超联赛-Who needs a tablet these days?it ' s a difficult question . six years ago,when Steve jobs unveiled the ipad,the device promised a future of " lean-back " curr现在谁需要平板电脑?这是一个不能问的问题。6年前乔布斯发行ipad时,该产品承诺了“往后靠”的数字未来。当时坐在扶手椅上,手里拿着薄薄的技术产品,似乎代表了一种放纵。

Now,most of us own The largest smart phone we ' ve ever had,making another big touch screen seem redundant . like The proverbial best The best(乔治伯纳德肖,)To reinvigorate the tablet,apple is taking the ipad“professional”,With higher specs-and pricing-TT为了恢复平板电脑的活力,苹果(Apple)坚定地关注着现有PC的功能,并不是为了让人们依靠读者或看视频而设计的,而是为了让老大身体前倾,完成工作。November ' s new 12.9-inch ipad pro was joined last month by a smaller,more affordable 9.7-inch sibling . I have been using the ler incler去年11月苹果公司发布新的12.9英寸IPad Pro后,上月推出了更小、更便宜的9.7英寸IPad Pro。

目前,我在12.9英寸ipad pro(还包括键盘和苹果pension)上用了几个小时报道苹果在库比蒂诺(Cupertino)举行的9.7英寸ipad pro发布会。我还在那里试了后者。


For me,neither ipad is quite there as a PC replacement,Although both come close for the every day tasks of typing and research . both offer meaarch与IPad AIR 2相比,他们的硬件有了很大的提高,包括性能好得多的扬声器,并为12.9英寸版本保留了4G的大容量内存。yet more interesting than the table t itself are the iPad Pro ' s dedicated accessories .但是,比ipad pro本身更值得注意的是专用配件。

Apple ' s keyboard case is lightweight yet robust,With a similar feel to last year ' s new macbook . the larger iPad has a full-sized keyboard the(大卫亚设,Northern Exposure(美国电视),)亚光的织物表面起初感觉很奇怪,但我确实习惯了它。 Crucially,the ipad pro has a physical connector to attach its keyboard,So there were none of the bluetooth-related is sues I suffered with(some of the pixel ' s keyboard problems have been resolved with a software update,And a recent Android beta pilot promises to add split-screen And)iPad Pro有一个连接键盘的物理连接器,我在2月份开始了对Pixel C的评估。(Pixel的一些键盘问题通过软件升级解决了问题。


最近Android beta试用版承诺减少分割画面的使用,但Google Play限制了商店可用于合适平板电脑的软件的自由选择。)the smaller pro's keyboard,however,is much more compact . while I have tried It out only a few times,It feels unlikely to be comfortable但是9.7英寸iPad Pro键盘变得太灵活了。尝试了几次,但对孟塔出口者来说,长期的文学创作似乎不太方便。(威廉莎士比亚,哈姆雷特,原文)On the other hand,at under 1lb,The smaller pro is far lighter and more comfortable to hold for longer reading sessing另一方面,近1重量9.7英寸iPad Pro vs 12.9英寸iii 12.9英寸IPAD Pro比大多数笔记本电脑都重,但特别是整天用肩膀包装的时候太重。


contemplating a choice between a proper keyboard and a lighter screen left me thinking that neither ipad pro was quite ready for regular use in my wor KDD您可以在易于使用的键盘和更重的屏幕中自由选择。这两个iPad Pro都不适合在工作中经常使用。Pencil to Paper by positioning the ipad pro as A PC killer at its launch event,apple IS Under Playing A Different Opportunity 3360 Replacing Pen and苹果在发布会上将iPad Pro定位为PC刺客,但代替纸笔又杀了一次机会。I am no sketch artist but apple ' s new pencil accessory is easily the best stylus I have used,for its ease of set-up and smooth,Pressure-。

我不是素描艺术家,但苹果的Pencil配件是指我用过的最差的触控笔,安装容易,在整个屏幕上写字简洁,容易受到压力。drawing And handwriting on a solid surface still lacks the friction of paper but it worked well for annotating documents(see planet of the apps)在柔软的表面写字和画画仍然是纸张不足的摩擦感,但适合在文档上做注释(见Planet of the Apps)和简单的笔记。Pencil的主要不足是我对它太了解了。我经常记得把它拿出来或者带在身边。

one computing accessory I did not miss when using the ipad pro at work was the mouse . I loved tapping the screen to hop between paragraphs or select Ext使用iPad Pro时没有错过的配件之一是鼠标。我讨厌敲屏幕,在段落之间跑来跑去,或者选择文字3354。

这样比四周页面更慢,更符合人体工程学。 Verdict结论while Samsung and Microsoft have sold table ts with keyboard cases and stylus es for years,IOS and the app store still provide the best sootThe combination of increased computing power and new accessories does open up The table t to many mory,尽管三星(Samsung)和微软(Microsoft)也是如此计算性能Some day it might replace the PC but,for now,the iPad still remains an optional extrascreen,rather than an essential one。有一天-爱超联赛。


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