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爱超联赛-can a us consumer internet company ever make it bigin China?That question,which has long dogged silicon valley,is starting to take on the urgency of a strategic imperative。美国的消费者互联网公司能在中国做大事吗?这一长期的后遗症硅谷的问题从一开始就成为了严峻的战略任务。

it isn ' T just that China is a juicy target in its own right . there is a risk to ceding ground to emerging Chinese rivals in their booming home mark T a time这是开始进入南北全球的尝试性步伐。美国公司本身习惯于利用极大的国内市场主导地位作为走向世界的跳板,其中不能解释得失。


Uber and Airbnb,the yin and yang of the sharing economy,Are the latest to try their luck . the ride-hailing app that likes to batter down doors适用于Uber(UBER)和航空食宿(Airbnb)的微信,在共享经济的“阴阳”两面,与最近两人想摸的、需要破门而入的UBER在中国的一个本土竞争对手进行较量,后者是中国两家远大的全球竞争对手腾讯(Tencent)。讨厌使用对抗性不太强的战略的Airbnb最近接受了有影响力的盟友,期待以自己的方式占领中国。“localisation”figures prominently in both companies’game plans . having the right management and local backers and supporters center两家公司的整体方案都把“本土化”放在了突出的位置。


易趣在中国的失败仍然是适应能力强的当地竞争对手必须被击败的典型事例。阿里巴巴要求买家免费展示商品,并引进支付服务以减少欺诈风险,这些都比ebay更出色。Uber and Airbnb at least have one advantage over companies like Google and Yahoo,Which failed before them 3360 they aren ' t directly involved making 爱超联赛 Uber less obviously targets of an authoritarian state . Uber和Airbnb与谷歌(Google)和雅虎(Yahoo)等公司相比,至少没有一个优势但是所有顺利的互联网公司在一定程度上是对现象的挑战。据中国掌握互联网的最近姿势(警察进驻互联网公司办公室的位置)指出,顺利的互联网公司无论在哪个市场间隙,都可能没有太大的影响力。


one reason is the amount and range of the data they hold . amassing a giant database about the movements of a nation ' s citizens is a key asset.Is likely to be only a starting point,as the winning platforms reach into more areas of online(and,increasingly,offline) line各败平台将触角注入更多的在线(和更多的线下)生活领域,这可能只是开始。holding the data locally might give authorities greater confidence that they can tap into it when they need 3360 Uber has data centres for its operationbut there is still a question about whether a foreign company could ever be trusted to be as compliant as a local competitor但是还有一个问题:你能相信外国公司像本土竞争对手一样遵守吗?another factor that weighs on foreign players is the way that competition tends to evolve in internet markets . many turn into winner-takes With th对外国企业有利的另一个因素是网络市场的竞争演化方式。很多竞争最终产生了“赢家通吃”,突然排名第一的公司成为了实力中心。


the immodest ambitions of a company like Uber highlight what is at stake . it aspire s to become an essential part of the infra structure of any big CII Not中国地方政府有可能赞成外国公司掌握如此重要的基础设施。即使Uber承诺帮助中国污染严重、交通堵塞严重的城市解决问题,也能解决个人汽车保有量减少带来的一些问题。a key question now will be how far the latest us aspirants are prepared to go to become truly " local " to overcome reservations like these;ng arrangements for China are the most intriguing . it already has Chinese investors and is now trying to close a funding round for a separate Chines Nit目前,对最近进军中国市场感兴趣的美国企业为了避免中方的担忧,计划“本土化”到什么程度是关键。Uber对中国融资的决定最有趣。

该公司已享有中国投资者,目前正在尝试为另一家在华公司融资,允许外部投资者投资Uber的这项在华业务。an Uber spokesperson says the company is also contemplating a local initial public offering,some time in the future,for its Chinese arm虽然还没有这方面的计划。given its huge need for capital and the particularly cut-throat nature of the Chinese taxi app wars,Local investors will be useful . a structure ll 这种结构还进一步提高了Uber的灵活性,便于今后的调整。例如,引入当地合作伙伴,或不得不引入平安保险在华事业的股份,将为今后的调整提供便利。

(威廉莎士比亚,Northern Exposure(美国电视剧),成功)But for any US internet company,Staying in The driving seat will be a priority . Yahoo但是事实证明,当雅虎试图夺取这部分少数股权的剩余股权时,雅虎的地位就会上升。这是后者想阻止的命运。


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