Water Recycling

GEITS is a leader in the field of water recycling which can involve delivery of both potable and non-potable water supply after being treated. By managing waste streams it is possible to recycle valuable water back into the environment or for other uses. GEITS delivers turnkey solutions combing technology with system processing. Industrial Wastewater can be treated along with polluted water including toxic and chemical waste. GEITS have Chemical and Environmental Engineers for the design, construction and operation wastewater treatment plants and systems and reverse osmosis (RO) and water filtration plants. Organic wastewater (phenol) and inorganic wastewater, can be treated. Optimisation and operational management, of existing  water and wastewater facilities as well as of new plants can  be undertaken. GEITS have technology to be to return to natural state the environment and reduce environmental impact from hazardous spills and chemicals. GEITS have emergency response capabilities which can be used in tandem to remediate accidents or event conditions. GEITS can reverse and return to natural state chemical imbalance in water systems.